Kowloon Hash House Harriers

The drinking club with a running problem

KH3 men’s hash meets every Monday for a run at 6.30 pm somewhere in HK SAR. (Except public holidays when we usually have a daytime family /friends day run.)

Half the pack really do the run, others shortcut, just walk a bit, or simply natter at the bucket.

Most guys stay for the On On at a fabulously good value restaurant with a few down downs thrown in.

Probably the most laid back hash in Hong Kong

Hash Master 2020-21: Mango +852 9838 7841

Kowloon.hash at gmail.com


Hashing is a fun activity allowing participants to enjoy a variety of trails within the Hong Kong SAR. Such trails are conceived and set by two hares and are varied in distance and difficulty. Whilst the hares are always encouraged to ensure safety when planning and setting  trails; walking, jogging and even running in towns, cities and remote countryside comes with many hazards and dangers. 

Anyone undertaking to hash with the KH3 does so entirely at their own risk and should take all the necessary precautions when hashing. Individuals should be aware of their own health status and hash in a safe, respectful, and peaceful manner. If you are in doubt when hashing leave the trail at the earliest point and return to a place of safety. The management, hares and any associated support team members are not and will not be responsible or liable in any way for your safety when hashing with KH3.

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