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KH3 Hash Run 30th Nov 2015

Run: Discovery Bay, Nim Shue Wan

Start: 6.30pm, 30th Nov

Hares: Cowpat and Referectum

Getting there:  Take the ferry from pier 3 in Central or the bus from sunny bay (DBR3) / Tung Chung (DBR01). Ferry’s leave at the following times:

16.10, 16.40, 17.10, 17.40, 18.10 (you’ll miss the start if you catch this one)

Bucket is around 5-10 minutes’ walk from the ferry (I will lay trial). Keep left when you walk off the ferry

OnOn:  Will be close by in a restaurant (not on site catering for a change)


If you are interested in coming along for a run feel free to turn up as a visitor. You'll be charged HK$60 for a good run and as much beer as you can drink. The instructions above should lead you to the starting point of the run point "A".

Please note this is a MEN only hash.

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